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and in your name i find meaning

i'm barely holding on to you, but i'm hanging on another day

The Doctor
the doctor (ten) for lebenfried_bar, played by winged_requiem
Name: The Doctor (or just 'Doctor')
Series: Doctor Who
Gender: Male
Age: 903 (physically looks 30 or so)
Race: Time Lord
Room: 4-01

I'll be referring to him outside of RP as 'Ten', usually.

Appearance: Note; The Doctor can incarnate into new forms when facing death. He is currently in his tenth incarnation. His outfit of choice is a suit and tie, the suit either being pinstriped or blue. He also always wears trainers, and usually wears a brown trench coat. Here's a pic. He wears glasses on occassion, but doesn't actually need them - he thinks it makes him look 'clever'.

Personality: Firstly, The Doctor is very eccentric, to put it bluntly. He is easily excitable and when finding something new or interesting he always has to go and have a look. If he sees something rare, he instantly bursts into a smile. He's usually a very cheerful guy, though any mentionings of his home, Rose, or something along those lines will instantly send him into a state of sadness. He can also be very 'rude' and mischevious, yet he always retains his polite manners when it matters the most. He is well educated, and often uses complex words, or else breaks it down to something more simpler so whoever is listening will understand.

However, even if he is curious and 'charitable' by giving warnings to those who do things that he deems to be wrong, he has a strong sense for order and justice. He will fight until justice is given, or strive to help put things right. He'd never put anyone in danger if it could be avoided. He likes to keep his troubles to himself, which can be a weakness.

The Doctor likes to ramble when he starts explaining, even if no one actually understands what he's on about - He has a love for humans - he's fascinated by them, to a certain degree. There's a high liklihood he knows near everything about anything - such as nobodies? - yes, he probably knows about those. Keyblades? Those too.

He's also very up to date with modern trends on Earth, but not all of them. He's also quite naive when it comes to matters of people 'loving' him - he doesn't notice it at all.

Special Abilities/Weapons: The Doctor can just about define the origin of anything, given the fact he has travelled the universe. He can also fix or make just about anything out of what's given to him.

Even if not a power, his sonic screwdriver can be used to just about fix anything or do the simplest of things like open doors. He has a TARDIS, an object which he can use to travel back and forth in time, which is permenantly stuck in the shape of a 1950's blue, British police box. The TARDIS is also bigger on the inside, with several rooms, a large walk-in wardrobe, and an antic, among others.

If under immense pain or on the verge of death, time lords can regenerate into new forms. The Doctor is currently on his tenth form.

Relationships: Flonne - he likes Flonne. She's not human, either, so he can relate - and she's actually older than him, shock. She's friendly and easy to talk to for him- and go just a little bit insane with.
Jenrya - the Doctor is fascinated in this kid's mind. He's not used to finding someone young interested in what he has to say, and he likes talking to Jenrya.
Naomi - simple, repairpeople united~ again, he likes talking to Naomi. He usually stays somewhat sane around her in particular.

Permissions: Nothing NC-17. The Doctor is bound to be completely oblivious to anyone liking him, at any rate.

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Lastly, I am not BBC Wales or David Tennant, or have anything to do with them. This is a fan roleplaying the character of the Doctor. :)

Is that the kind of man I am now? Rude? Rude and not ginger?
The Doctor